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  • How many days will it take for the goods to arrive?
    We will ship within 2 business days after receiving your order. (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays closed) It will arrive in about 2-5 days after shipping. (If the destination is far away, Hokkaido, Okinawa, or a remote island, it may take a few more days.) Learn more about shipping
  • I haven't received my item.
    It is possible that the item was returned to the post office near you due to the absence of the customer when it was delivered. If you haven't received your item within 5 days after the shipping notification, please contact your local post office. (Orders from distant or remote islands may take up to 5 days to arrive.)
  • A payment error will occur.
    If you select "Credit Card Payment", an error may occur and a message such as "There is a technical problem." may be displayed. Please check the following items. 1. Please check if there is a problem with the card you are using. (The card number is wrong, the credit limit is exceeded, etc.) For more informationhere 2. If you cannot make a payment even after confirming your card, there may be a system problem with the payment company. Sorry for your inconvenience, but please purchase with a different payment method. (convenience store payment, bank transfer, etc.)
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Lures and small items are ¥198 nationwide (click post), and other large items such as boxes are 550 yen and up (Kuroneko Yamato). increase. ⚫︎Currently, we are free shipping campaign for all products purchased over 3,000 yen! (Prices are subject to change at any time.) Learn more about shipping
  • I haven't received a shipping notification email.
    If you do not receive an email, it may be for one of the following reasons. Check your spam folder Please check if the email has been sorted into the spam folder of your email software. Please check if the email address you entered when purchasing the product or when registering as a member is correct. Receipt is blocked by your mail reception settings. If you have set the specified reception of the domain, please allow the reception of the domain of
  • Coupon is not available.
    If the coupon cannot be used, it may be due to one of the following reasons. Coupon has expired Expired coupons cannot be used. Coupons are valid for one month. Wrong characters used Coupon codes are case sensitive. So, for example, if the coupon code is "MarchMadness", entering "marchmadness" will invalidate the coupon code. You have not purchased more than a certain amount Some coupon codes cannot be applied unless the purchase amount exceeds a certain amount. Added whitespace If you enter a coupon code with a space between them (e.g. March Madness instead of MarchMadness), the coupon will be void.
  • When will you restock lures that are out of stock?
    Lures that are out of stock are usually expected to arrive in 3-4 weeks. However, it may take some time depending on the production status of the factory.
  • I don't know how to use the coupon.
    Open the shopping cart with items in the cart. Click "Enter Coupon Code" at the bottom of the screen. Enter the coupon code without typos. Coupon applied.
  • I don't know how to log in on my smartphone.
    For smartphones, click the three lines at the top left of the screen to display the login button. For computers, please log in using the Login button at the top right of the screen.
  • I received a product different from what I ordered.
    If you receive a product of a different type or color, we will send you the correct product immediately. Please contact us using the inquiry form here. In that case, please contact us after filling in [order number] [zip code/address] [name] [name of different product]. Our shop will bear the shipping fee when delivering the product.
  • I want to change my address when I registered as a site member.
    To change your registration information, log in and then Change Address or My Account. please.
  • Is it possible to return the product?
    Please contact us as soon as the product arrives. Please note that we do not accept returns unless the product is defective. Return deadline It should be within 7 days after the arrival of the product. Return Shipping Returns due to customer's convenience will be borne by the customer. If the product is defective, we will bear the cost.
  • How much is the COD fee?
    In the case of cash-on-delivery, the cash-on-delivery fee and shipping fee will be changed in addition to the product price. Please pay the delivery person when you receive the item. ​ ​ COD fee Within 10,000 yen・・・330 yen (including tax) 10,000 yen or more, 30,000 yen or less: 440 yen (tax included) 30,000 yen or more, 100,000 yen or less: 660 yen (tax included) 100,000 yen or more, 300,000 yen or less: 1,100 yen (tax included) (Product price + consumption tax + shipping fee) ​ ​ Additional shipping fee ​Kanto/Shinetsu/Hokuriku/Chubu/Kansai・・・changed to 550 yen Southern Tohoku/Chugoku/Shikoku...changed to 600 yen Northern Tohoku/Kyushu・・・changed to 650 yen ​Hokkaido/Okinawa・・・changed to 800 yen ​ *If you purchase over 3,000 yen (excluding tax), the shipping fee will be free.
  • Where is a convenience store that accepts convenience store payments?
    You can pay at FamilyMart, Lawson, Daily Yamazaki, Ministop, and Seicomart. ​ ​*Customers are responsible for payment processing fees for convenience store payments. The amount paid at the store will be the sum of the product price and the "settlement fee: 190 yen".
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