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Hologram transfer and foil application

We have introduced a large automatic heat transfer machine. By transferring the holographic foil to the lure with a silicon roller heated to about 180-220 degrees, uniform and accurate transfer is possible. The machine can transfer 500 pieces per hour at high speed, allowing you to work efficiently. The machine can transfer from small lures to extra large lures up to 45 cm.

Production process

Making a transfer mold


A special mold is required to transfer the holographic foil. By using an original mold made from the 3D data of the lure, a clean transfer without wrinkles is possible.

Selection of hologram (foil)


You can choose your favorite foil from about 20 kinds. We have a wide variety of patterns, from simple ones to clear and shell patterns. All foils are made by Murata Gold Leaf Co., Ltd. It is the highest level of quality and is used in various lures by domestic manufacturers.

Hologram transfer


The lures are set into the mold one by one and the foil is transferred to one side at a time. The transfer is done with a silicone roll, so the transfer can be done neatly even on the curved and uneven surfaces of the lure. The machine can transfer at high speed, about 500 pieces per hour. Once the foil is transferred, it sticks with a strong adhesive and does not come off easily.

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