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Lure painting

Lure painting and coating

Each lure is painted by hand, requiring high quality, precision, and reproducibility. We have multiple painting booths. Each booth is equipped with 5 to 7 airbrushes of different calibers, and we paint lures according to their size and color.

Type of Paint

Color painting


We use about 1 to 7 colors of paint to color the fish. We can handle a wide range of colors, from realistic fish-like colors to flashy colors and complex colors.

Matte/matte paint


The coloring is done with a matte finish that does not reflect light. The coating is done with matte urethane.



A two-part urethane coating with excellent impact resistance and UV resistance, which is used for coating cars, is mixed for lures and used for coating. The mixing ratio is changed each time a coat is applied, improving impact resistance and gloss.

Masking Painting


Special or complex patterns are created and painted from scratch using a special masking tool. Even complex patterns can be painted very efficiently.

Luminous paint/glow paint


It is painted in a glow color that stores light and emits light for a long time. In addition to the common light green, you can choose from a variety of luminous colors of phosphorescent powder such as red, orange, pink, and blue.

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