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We carry out crowdfunding!

We did crowdfunding to cover the development cost of the original lure. Krafan is effective not only for fundraising but also for recognition of lure brands and starting dash.

Awashima DC

A fishing channel of [Nakazawa Kokoro] who moved to a remote island in 2020 because of the charm of fishing. Mainly fishing on remote islands, but mountain streams and area trout on the mainland are also up.

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Underwater action video production

Absolute zebra making video

Until the lure is completed

History of the development of "Zettai Zebra"

Moved to Awashima, Niigata Prefecture, and started to develop lures with the desire to make a heavy sinking pencil with more appeal. We supported everything from lure design to coloring and package design.


From sketch to 3D data

First of all, I received a sketch of the lure design and information on the specifications (length and weight). We also asked about the ideal action and fall speed, and started designing.


Prototype production and swim test

After confirming the shape with 3D data, we will start carving out the prototype. After assembling and painting, the swim test will be performed in the same condition as the actual lure.


Made to stand up to large blue-runners

Impact resistance is greatly improved by arranging beams throughout the body. High-strength stainless steel wire of ⒈2mm is used for both line eye and hook eye. I designed it assuming a power fight with a large blue-runner.


Hologram selection

You can choose your favorite foil from about 20 types of foil, from simple to clear and shell. All foils are made by Murata Gold Leaf Co., Ltd., a high-quality domestic manufacturer.

スクリーンショット 2022-07-11 12.36.jpg

masking painting

With the concept of "Let's make a perverted lure that has never been seen before", all colors are equipped with zebra glow. We manufacture completely original masking jigs. Even complex patterns can be painted very efficiently.


Luminous paint

Painted in a glow color to appeal to fish in dark waters, such as when the amount of light is low, or at night. In addition to the general light green color, you can choose from a variety of luminous powders such as red, orange, pink, and blue.


Durable with urethane coating

"Zettai Zebra" is used in places where it often hits rocks, such as rocky shores, so it is coated with four layers of two-liquid urethane. Used for car coatings, etc., it has excellent impact resistance and UV resistance.


Lure completed!

A total of 7 colors, a completely original lure from coloring to eye design has been completed.


Product image production and sales agency

For "Zettai Zebra", we acted as a sales representative at the Sunny Lures shop, and also produced product images and swim videos.

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