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Pad printing

Pad printing

Lure logos, complex patterns, and other features that cannot be reproduced through painting are transferred onto the lure's body using a special silicone pad.

Production process

Printing plate production


First, we decide the size of the letters and the printing position, and then create the printing plate. We can print even detailed designs accurately using aluminum plates. We can also print existing logo designs and illustrations. (Illustrator format, data creation from images)

Making a transfer mold


A special mold is required to transfer the letters. A mold is made using heat-resistant clay for molds.



Once the printing plate and transfer mold are ready, printing can begin. A soft silicone pad transfers the ink that has accumulated in the recesses of the printing plate, and then the ink is transferred to the lure. The print quality is high, and it can even be printed on curved surfaces.

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