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Wood blanks

Machining and mass production of wood blanks

At Sunny One, we carve and mass-produce wood blanks. We create 3D data based on lure samples or design drawings that you provide, and then mass-produce them. We can accurately carve grooves for weights and wires.

Production process

Creating 3D data and cutting data


We use a 3D scanner to create 3D data from the master blank provided by the customer. We can also create 3D data from drawings, sketches, etc. We can also carve grooves to insert weights, figure-eight loops, and wires.



Blanks are mainly cut from ayous wood and paulownia wood. Cutting is done with an NC processing machine, so we can mass-produce them accurately and quickly. It eliminates the variation in shape that occurs when cutting by hand, and greatly reduces the amount of work required.

Deburring, inspection, and delivery


The machined blanks are deburred one by one by hand, inspected, and delivered.

*The product will be delivered with drill cutting marks remaining. Please file them yourself.

*Notes (please read carefully)

⚫️We manufacture blanks by gluing pieces together. We do not carve out a whole piece.

⚫️Because natural wood is used, there may be some variation in weight and size. Also, knots in the wood may remain on the lure.

⚫️If you need to modify the 3D data of a lure after it has been created, an additional fee may be charged for the modification.

⚫️ Master blanks are generally not returned. If you need to return them, please contact us at the time of ordering.

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